Grade-2-Gable Home Inspections LLC offers quality and professional home inspection services to southern and central New Hampshire. Your potential/current home will receive a meticulous inspection backed by years of construction experience and an education in civil engineering. Clients are always encouraged to attend the inspection and stick close by to see what the inspector sees, and to ask their own specific questions, so the inspection can benefit the client educationally as well as informational.  Problems will be pointed out throughout the inspection and a visual with the explanation of what is going on and why it is a problem are a significant benefit to you as a perspective homeowner.  At the end of the inspection, a quick overview of significant problems found will leave you with a clear picture of what is happening in the structure.

    Reports are presented to you within 48 hours of the inspection being completed; the client receives a digital copy of the report and all documents pertaining to it, as well as a bound copy in a 3-ring binder (if desired) so that it can be neatly kept and easy to access away from a computer.  The report offers an organized list of what issues were found, a description of why it is a concern, and a generally direction that should be taken to begin correcting the problem.  There is also additional educational information in the report about general home systems that will assist in understanding the structure.  

    In addition to home inspections, full water testing packages are available to be done on the day of the inspection; the same applies to radon air tests.  These services are performed by a lab that generally returns their results within 2 days of receiving the samples, and are emailed directly to you.  Pest inspection reports (NPMA-33) will also be filled out if needed for financing purposes.  Checking for visible evidence of wood destroying organisms is always a part of the general home inspection.

    Septic evaluations are also available from Grade-2-Gable Home Inspections, whether in addition to a home inspection, or as a stand alone service.  I have been trained by the Granite State Designers and Installers certified evaluator program, which is a reinforcement of my 15 year experience installing/replacing residential septic systems.  Your evaluation will always include an interior tank inspection by photograph, but is usually done from two locations on the tank, the inlet and outlet inspection ports.  Then the focus shifts to the leech field.  At least one inspection hole will be dug in the leech field, and you will receive information on how the leech field is currently operating and what should be happening in proper operation.  ​

Services provided:

- General Home Inspections: testing home systems and evaluating
- Water Testing: options available to assist the client in minding budget and needs for home transaction
- Radon Air Testing
- Pest Inspection Reports: provided with a home inspection on request
- Septic Inspections: available as individual service, will schedule third party to perform during an inspection

    A Grade-2-Gable home inspection will leave you feeling confident that you are aware of where a structure currently stands and what challenges may await you in the future.  ​Allow me to inspect your home as you prepare to buy or sell; and I will provide you with peace of mind about your most important investment.

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